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Wahoo TICKR Gen2 Heart Rate Sensor


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Heart Rate Simplified - reliable, accurate, comfortable and secure, TICKR makes it simple to connect heart rate to your favorite training apps and devices.[split]

Reach your goals by using accurate heart rate and calorie burn data to optimize efficiency during any activity or workout.

Equipped with Bluetooth & ANT+ technology, TICKR pairs to smartphones, GPS watches and bike computers at the same time or separately.

TICKR offers a slim, front-snap design that feels natural and secure while making it easy to take on and off. TICKR is the lightest chest strap heart rate monitor among leading competitors.

Easy to see top-mounted LED indicators verify that the TICKR is connected to a device and reading your heart rate.

Dimensions - 584 to 1219mm x 5mm x 38mm (L x W x H)
Strap length - 584 to 1219mm
Water rating - IPX7
Battery - CR2032 (up to one year / over 500 hours of workouts)
Connectivity - ANT+, Bluetooth (up to 3 Bluetooth connections simultaneously)
Washable - hand wash ONLY

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