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Trinity Zero Coffee Press

Barty Single Origin

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The Trinity Zero Coffee Press is a portable coffee maker that you can use to make great tasting coffee anywhere, anytime. The Trinity Zero is a patent pending design that brews a delicious cup of coffee in under 60 seconds. It's made from recyclable materials and features a reusable stainless steel filter which  filters your coffee.

The minimal waste may be small, but it's big on convenience. Simply add 18g of ground coffee into the Trinity, pour in your water, place your lid onto the brewer, and your thumb pressurises the water chamber, resulting in a shot of concentrated coffee that is ready in 60 seconds from roughly 10-15 pumps. 

A shot from the Trinity is stronger than your usual coffee press or other brewed coffee method (i.e french press or pour over), however it is not espresso - nor does it try to be.

Designed to be compact enough to fit in your bag or pocket, making it perfect for busy and active people on the go who don't have time to wait for their coffee to be ready.

No paper filters or pods to deal with. The Trinity Zero is the most innovative portable coffee brewing system yet. It's simple, elegant and makes strong coffee. In fact you can even drink it out of the cup if you want to.

Trinity Zero Coffee Press Features

Long-lasting Design –  No high-wearing parts, longevity being key consideration in design.

Fast, Strong Cup Brewed – a concentrated coffee ready in 60 seconds from 10-15 pumps.

Hybrid Brew Method – Designed for diluting with milk or hot water for up to 8oz / 225mL

Reusable Filter – Uses a Stainless Steel filter without consuming paper filters or pods.

Reduced Environmental Impact – The amount of material is significantly lower than other coffee makers available. 


  • Trinity Zero Coffee Press
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Filter


Materials  BPA-Free Titan Plastic, Stainless Steel
Ground Capacity 18g
Water Capacity 100ml
Brew Time 1 minute
Dimensions (Ø) 90mm (H) 65
Weight  115 grams