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Thumpa Bench Top Waste Tube - 300mm tall

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Dispose of your spent grounds easily with the Thumpa Bench Top Waste Tube – 300mm. This commercial-grade waste tube is built with handle the daily pressure of a busy cafe, but sized to fit in any home kitchen.

The 300mm tall tube is made with 5mm thick durable high density polyethylene for extreme durability and stability. Go ahead and whack your portafilter on the rubber bar to knock out all those grounds - you don’t have to worry about damaging the tube at all.

The sides of the tube are raised to form a collar that keeps your kitchen free of spills or splatters. The collar and rubber bar can be removed for easy cleaning.

With affordable replacement parts available in the event that a piece of your waste tube breaks down the road, the Thumpa Bench Top Waste Tube is essentially a buy-it-for-life item.

Thumpa Bench Top Waste Tube – 300mm tall Features

Commercial-Grade Knock Tube - Built to withstand abuse in busy cafes and espresso-loving homes with a design that prioritizes durability and stability.

Countertop Use - Sits securely on countertops for easy disposal of spent grounds.

Flared Collar - Keeps coffee ground splatters from making messes.

Removable Top - Makes emptying easy and allows you to secure a trash bag in the tube.

Easy Repairs - Designed to last forever with easily replaceable parts.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Thumpa Bench Top Waste Tube – 300mm tall

The Specifics

  • Materials: High Density Polyethylene, Rubber
  • Height: 300mm

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