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Green Moka Pot Coffee Kit


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The Bialetti Express is the classic Moka Pot espresso maker. To produce fine espresso, you only need coffee, water, and a stove. 

This Moka Pot is designed to force water vapor through ground coffee to produce Italian espresso in minutes. With air and coffee oils interacting with this intensity, a velvety crema forms a layer atop the rich espresso.

The Bialetti Expresso comes in seven different sizes to accommodate any family or coffee habit. The cup sizes are measured in 30 ml espresso cups.

Many around the world still own and use their 80 year old Bialetti Express moka pots. The device is simple and durable enough to continue to be a classic espresso maker.

Kit Includes:

  • Bailetti 2 Cup Moka Pot
  • El Salvador Bourbon (pour over roast & ground beans)