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Stagg Pour Over Dripper - Black

Barty Single Origin

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The Kick-Starter Success from Fellow Products, the Stagg Pour Over Dripper! 

Few pour over brewers can match the Stagg Pour Dripper when it comes to consistency, reliability, and flavour. This XF model is designed to thrive with the forgiving “fill and go” method, allowing you to step away from your brew without sacrificing cup quality.

The double-walled stainless steel dripper maintains heat throughout the brew and features a steep slope. This causes the grounds and water to be in constant contact, which encourages a more balanced and forgiving cup of coffee.

To make things even simpler, the dripper comes with a ratio aid that helps ensure you always use the right amount of coffee. When the brewing is complete, this aid can be used as a drip cup. The included collar helps you pour grounds into the dripper without making a mess.

Basic Stagg Pour Dripper Instructions:

  • Set a paper filter into the dripper and pre-wet it with hot water.
  • Use the ratio aid to measure your coffee (single dot indicates 20g).
  • Grind your coffee into the dripper and lightly shake for even distribution.
  • Fill the dripper with hot water (using the ratio aid markers in the dripper).
  • When draining is complete, toss the filter and grounds and enjoy.

You can brew up to 600 ml of coffee with this XF dripper - enough for 1-2 people. The bottom of the dripper features 10 bumped draining holes to eliminate the risk of clogging and encourage balanced extraction.

Stagg Pour Dripper Features

Simple Pour Over Brewing - Allows you to use the “fill and go” method to easily brew delicious and consistent coffee.

10 Anti-Clogging Holes - Designed to eliminate the risk of clogging and drainage stalling.

Steep Slope - Encourages improved water and coffee contact for a more consistent brew.

Insulated Body - Maintains heat via the double-walled stainless steel dripper.

Brews Up To 600 ml - Perfect for brewing coffee for 1-2 people.

Ratio Aid / Drip Cup - Helps you use the perfect coffee to water ratio and catches extra drops once the brewing is complete.

This product includes:

  • Stagg XF Pour Over Dripper
  • 10 x XF Paper Filters
  • 1 x Ratio Aid / Drip Cup
  • 1 x Coffee Grind Collar

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Brews: Up To 600 ml

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