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Slayer Single Group Coffee Machine

Barty Single Origin

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Created with a fundamentally new ‘pre-brew’ technology, the Slayer Single Group Coffee Machine is the barista’s dream for its unrivaled flexibility over each espresso shot. And featuring powerful dual boilers, a futuristic touch display, and an impressive lineup of bells and whistles, it’s no wonder why this machine has become one of the most coveted on the market for cafes, coffee carts, and homes.

Introducing Slayer’s Innovative ‘Pre-Brew’ Tech

Unlike most machines offering a preinfusion before the full shot pressure begins, Slayer’s first-of-its-kind needle valve offers you full control over the pressure (going as low as 0.5 bars of pressure, much lower than any other machine on the market) and—for the first time ever—the flow rate of your pre-brew water.

This empowers you to pull espresso shots and achieve flavors that would never be a possibility on other machines. Try a 15-second pre-brew to produce a fuller flavor, or go with a 30-second pre-brew and slow flow rate to enable the use of ultra-fine grounds that other machines can’t handle for a more robust sweetness.

Pulling Shots On The Slayer Single Group

The coffee machine has two shot modes: manual and semi automatic. Manual mode allows you to determine exactly when the shot begins and ends. For a less hands-on approach, semi automatic mode follows a programmable recipe that cuts off your shot according to a timer.

Shot settings can easily be adjusted via the digital touch display, which offers full control over the pre-brew time, shot time, boiler temperatures, steam wand pressure, and more.

As your shot pulls, the upward-facing mirror behind the drip tray offers a close view of your shot as it comes from the portafilter.

Feels And Functions Like A Dream

Every aspect of the Slayer Single Group, from the European ash wood handles to the saturated group head, feels luxurious. 

The dual boilers offer non-stop shot pulling and milk steaming at the same time, the commercial-grade internals make it a great pick for espresso bars and restaurants, and the unmistakable aesthetic looks fantastic in every setting.

Slayer Single Group Coffee Machine Features

The Coveted Slayer Shot — Slayer created innovative pre-brew tech to give baristas access to a realm of espresso flavor that was never before possible.

Pre-Brew Technology — Customize a ‘pre-brew’ routine where the pressure slowly ramps up from as low as 0.5 bars, offering unrivaled control and flexibility for each shot.

Dual Boilers — Pull shots and steam milk at the same time without losing pressure or reliability, with full control over the boiler temperatures.

Touch Screen Controls — Futuristic display enables you to adjust every setting, from pre-brew pressure, to power management, to boiler temperatures, to auto shot timers.

Custom Steam Power — Steam wand too strong? Adjust the power to your liking.

Manual + Semi Automatic Modes — Program a target shot timer, or use the paddle to cut off the shot manually.

Shot Mirror — Faces up to give you full view of your shot as it’s pulling.

Built For Volume — Crafted with the same high-end mechanics as Slayer’s larger machines.

Unmistakable Design — Arguably the most distinct and slick espresso machine out there.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Slayer Single Group Coffee Machine

The Specifics

Boiler Dual, 3.3L Steam and 1.1L Brew
Water Tank No Water Tank - Direct Plumbing Required
Pump Vibration
Pre-Infusion Yes, Patented “Pre Brew” Tech
Voltage 220-240V
Dimensions 546 x 465 x 393 mm
Weight 70kg