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Simply Glass and Olive Wood Canister

Barty Single Origin

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The Simply Glass and Olive Wood Canister is a beautiful storage solution for your coffee beans and other small items. Made of Hario’s renowned glass, the canister is heat-proof and air-tight to keep your coffee beans fresh and flavorful. 

The olive wood lid of the canister seals in aroma while preventing moisture from escaping. The unique and beautiful design of the canister makes them perfect for storing all sorts of food items including spices, or anything else you want to keep at home. With a full capacity of 200 grams of coffee beans, it will keep them fresh and your favourite beans perfectly brewed when ready.

Simply Glass and Olive Wood Canister FEATURES

Keep Your Coffee Fresh – Keeps your coffee beans as fresh as possible by reducing their exposure to oxygen.

Olive Wood Lid with Seal –  Keeps unwanted oxygen from seeping into your coffee beans while they’re waiting to be brewed.

Durable Hario Glass – Reliably string and dishwasher safe glass.


  • Simply Glass Canister
  • Olive Wood Lid with Seal


Materials Glass, Olive Wood Lid, Silicon Seal
Capacity 200g Beans
Dimensions (mm) (ø) 102 x (H) 136
Weight 350g