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Sensory Lab Vista Al Valle San Isidro Costa Rica Natural

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We’ve been buying from this farm for about 5 years now, and each season we continue to be impressed by the quality. Vista al Valle—translating to ‘view of the valley’—is run by Jorge Luis Arrieta along with his family. An agronomist by trade, young, smart and creative, their three-farm collective has gained a reputation for quality and an impressive record of awards and acclaim. This has included a number of Cup of Excellence placements, winning first place in 2013.  

Growing only Villa Sarchi, San Isidro and Caturra varieties, Vista al Valle produces coffees dried on raised sun-beds and patios inside impressive rows of polytunnels—elongated, polythene covered frames under which seedlings and plants can be grown. Providing protection to plants, they can extend the growing season by several weeks, creating their own microclimate in controlled conditions.