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Rhinowares Thermometer

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Steam with one eye on the milk temperature with the Rhinowares Thermometer. Featuring a massive temperature range, a milk jug clip, and two different lengths, this simple and effective thermometer will meet the needs of every home or professional barista.

Seeing your milk’s temperature as you steam is a powerful way to make your milk consistently delicious and just the right temperature. The built-on milk jug clip attaches the thermometer to your jug so that you can read it without the device falling into your way.

Common Temperatures Guide:

  • Steamed Milk: 50-65C
  • Espresso: 85-90C
  • Black Tea: 100C
  • Green Tea: 70-80C

The thermometer’s temperature range is wider than you’d probably ever need in a home or cafe setting: -18 to 104 C. The device comes in two lengths - 13cm and 18cm - to meet your specific needs based on your milk jug’s size.

Rhinowares Thermometer Features

Milk Jug Clip - Designed to hold the thermometer in place for quick measurements without it falling in the way of your steaming.

Massive Temperature Range - Accurate between -18 and 104 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for home or cafe use.

Short + Long Options - Comes in two thermometer lengths (13cm, 18cm) to meet you and your milk jug’s needs.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Rhinowares Thermometer

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Glass
  • Temperature Range: -18 to 104 C
  • Short Thermometer is 13cm Long
  • Long Thermometer is 18cm Long

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