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Rhinowares Bench Tamper Mat

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Tamp your espresso grounds comfortably with the simple and effective Rhinowares Bench Tamper Mat. Made from food-grade silicone rubber and just large enough for both your portafilter and tamper, it’s a great basic mat for home and cafe use.

The silicone mat’s minimal cushion makes tamping comfortable. It protects your countertop from the heavy tamper, as well as your tamper from your hard countertop.

The Bench Tamper Mat features a slight indention that keeps your tamper safe and secure while you’re moving around the counter. The other side has just enough room to fit your portafilter, meaning you don’t have to invest in two different silicone mats for the two devices.

Rhinowares Bench Tamper Mat Features

Cushioned Tamping Mat - Tamp comfortably on a level surface every time.

Tamp Storage Space - The mat is just large enough to fit both your portafilter and tamper and has a dedicated indention that keeps your tamper safely in place.

Silicone Protection - Protects your counter from your heavy tamper, and your heavy tamper from your counter.

Anti-Slip Rubber - Won’t slip off the counter mid-tamp.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Rhinowares Bench Tamper Mat

The Specifics

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 146mm x 206mm

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