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Rhino SS Knock Box

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Keep your espresso gear clean and tidy with the Rhino SS Knock Box. With an extra-strong construction, no-slip base, and generous capacity, it’s a great pick for both espresso-loving homes and smaller coffee operations.

The SS Knock Box frame is made entirely from stainless steel, so it’s as sturdy and reliable as they come (as well as super easy to clean). Attached to the base is a no-slip layer of silicone that ensures the knock box is able to stay in one place, even with repeated hits.

The padded portafilter bar keeps your gear from being damaged by eager baristas who don’t realize their own strength.

Rhino SS Knock Box Features

Sturdy Steel Build — Made from food grade stainless steel, this knock box is as strong as they come.

Padded Knock Bar — Silicone-padded bar keeps your portafilter safe from baristas who don’t know their own strength.

No-Slip Base — Ensures the knock chute stays securely on the counter.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Rhino SS Knock Box

The Specifics

Materials Stainless Steel, Silicone
Dimensions 170mm (W) x 170mm (L) x 165mm (H)

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