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Rhino Square Knock Chute

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Create a modern, seamless knocking experience with the Rhino Square Knock Chute. Featuring an in-bench design with a chute that leads to any container you want, it’s a visually appealing option for cafes and restaurants that want to keep their counters clean of clutter.

In-bench knock chutes tend to look crisper and tidier than their on-bench cousins. Since there’s less in the way between barista and customer physically, it allows for a more organic and personal interaction at the coffee bar.

You may set whatever you’d like beneath the chute to collect the spent espresso grounds, like a garbage can, bucket, or empty coffee bags.

The stainless steel build is reliable long-term, as well as the welded knock bar. The rubber padding on the bar and around the chute perimeter dampens noise and protects your gear from repeated hard hits.

Rhino Square Knock Chute Features

Chute To Anywhere — Knock your grounds directly into a bucket, trash can, or, well, anything.

Seamless In-Bench Design — Keeps a clean counter appearance that’s pleasant for baristas and customers.

Extra Sturdy Build — Stainless steel construction is strong and the welded knock bar is reliable.

Noise Reducing Sleeve — Rubber perimeter sleeve ensures the knocking isn’t too loud for customers.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Rhino Square Knock Chute - BLACK

The Specifics

Materials Stainless Steel
Dimensions Approx 140mm x 150mm x 110mm

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Rhino Square Knock Chute


Please note: We recommend you use the actual product as the template when cutting into benchtops to ensure your measurements are exact.

Rhino Square Knock Chute