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Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm

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The Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm is an extra-large rinser designed for cafes that need not only an effective rinser and drain but a place to dispose of liquids where a sink is not close by. Featuring an ultra-efficient drain, an optional spinet, and an embedded design, it’s a stellar fit for high-volume cafes.

Reliable draining is the backbone of this pitcher rinser. The new drain design eliminates the risk of residue buildup over time and the generously sized tube speeds up draining. The actuator plate is slightly larger as well, enabling you to rinse not just milk jugs, but also servers, mugs, and other items.

The optional spin jet attachment makes the Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm an efficient cleaning tool. This spin-and-spray feature cleans your gear rapidly and can get through the most stubborn of residues.

The pitcher rinser is made from durable stainless steel that’ll perform for years. The rinser can be moved from the side of the rinser to the middle with a few simple steps, allowing it to flow smoothly into your unique bar flow.

It also includes all the install parts needed to get started, including a ⅜ push-fit inlet, 1 metre of hose, and a drain hose clip. All parts are NSF Certified and ready for action. We suggest using a Pressure limiting valve (PLV) to install into your main water line.

Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm Features

Multi-Functional — Large enough to act as a drain in a space where no sink is available.

Improved Draining — New drain design reduces residue buildup and speeds draining.

Large Actuator Plate — This allows you to clean jugs, pitchers, servers, and beyond.

Optional Spinjet — Spins while spraying for a more robust, effective cleaning experience.

Movable Rinser — Insert the rinsing jet in the centre or on the side of the rinser with a few simple steps.

Install Parts Included — Comes with all the fittings and hoses needed for a basic install.

NSF Certified — Deemed sanitary and safe for kitchen use by NSF International.

Built-In Design — This can be built right into your bar to save space and look seamless.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm
  • 1 x 3/8 Push Fit Inlet With Elbow Option
  • 1 x 1m Of Inlet Hose
  • 1 x Drain Hose With Clip

The Specifics

Materials Stainless Steel
Dimensions Width – 238mm x Length – 600mm

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Available Styles

Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mmRhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm

Please note: Due to slight variations in manufacturing design and the varying requirements of bench materials, it is strongly recommended to have the physical pitcher rinser on hand before cutting into benchtop surfaces. Barty Single Origin does not take responsibility for installation cut out errors and provides the sizes and dimensions as a layout guide only.

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