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Rhino Coffee Screen Driver

Barty Single Origin

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Simplify the maintenance work on your coffee machine with the Rhino Coffee Screen Driver. One of the most irksome parts of coffee machine maintenance is unscrewing the shower screen for cleaning. Created to eliminate the need for a screwdriver when replacing or cleaning the shower screen, the Rhino Coffee Screen Driver provides a secure grip on the screen and screw underneath preventing slippage and damage to the screen, while also keeping your fingers safe.

Rhino Coffee Screen Driver Features

Protects fingers - Using an ordinary screwdriver to detach the screen from the machine can lead to clumsy accidents and burns. The Rhino screen driver provides a secure grip that keeps your hands safe.

Prevents damage - With no sharp edges, the Rhino screen driver keeps the coffee screen safe as your screw it on or off the machine.

Easy to use -  Just align the Rhino Screen Driver to your coffee screen push up, and turn counter-clockwise to unscrew. Then, load the shower screen to the driver, align to the machine and turn clockwise to attach back to the machine.

Wide compatibility - The Rhino Coffee Screen Driver can be used with La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, and more.

This product includes:

  • 1x Rhino Coffee Screen Driver

The Specifics

  • Material: Plastic 

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