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Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush Replacements – 3pk

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The Rhino Grinder Brush Replacement Brushes are the ideal choice to go along the Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush. A handy, specifically designed cleaning tool for those hard-to-reach areas of your espresso machine.

Once a brush is no longer serving its cleaning duties well, easily screw off the head and replace it with a new brush to continue the job. Durable and long lasting bristles will deep clean teh seal and shower screen of your group head to maximise the cleanliness and quality of the coffee brewed on the machine.  

With three tools in one, a dosing scoop at the end of the brush ensures you use the same amount of cleaning powder each and every time; and if you thought the ridges on the brush were for the looks – be enlightened as you use these ridges to easily clean off hardened milk scum from the steam wand without using a spoon that causes permanent damage to your espresso machine.

Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush Replacements – 3pk Features

3 Pack of Brushes – Enough for months of cleaning. Keep them in the maintenance kit.

Hard Wearing – Used every day the bristles are long lasting.

Easily Removed – Screw on and screw off for quick replacement.


  • *3 x Rhino Coffee Group Head Brushes


*Brush handle not included