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Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush

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Cleaning the group head is a chore that no barista ever wants to do, and nobody looks forward to having to do it. It can be even worse if you have a poorly designed group brush. This is where the Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush comes in handy, specifically designed for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas of your espresso machine.

The arched design keeps your hands away from the hot water during use. When replacing old worn out bristles, simply unscrew the head, allowing you to replace each bristle head one at a time. 

With three tools in one, a dosing scoop at the end of the brush ensures you use the same amount of cleaning powder each and every time; and if you thought the ridges on the brush were for the looks – be enlightened as you use these ridges to easily clean off hardened milk scum from the steam wand without using a spoon that causes permanent damage to your espresso machine.

Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush Features

3 Tools in One – A durable brush, a chemical doser and a steam wand cleaner.

Replaceable Brush Head – The hardest working tool around your machine will keep on going.

Tilted Design – Arches in a way that you’ll be able to flush the group and scrub at the same time no burns.


  • Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush


  • Materials: Plastic
  • Length: 17cm