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Rhino Bag Insert for CKTL Roll 100

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Rhino Bag Insert for CKTL Roll 100

Thicker and Stronger!

CKTL & Thumpa Bag Inserts by Rhino

Simplify your spent coffee ground disposal with these tall waste bags from Rhino. Designed specifically for the Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube, they’re just the right thin and tall size for easy cleanup at the end of the day.

These liners are 100% Australian made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

We love these bags, but sometimes a vacuum forms at the bottom of the Thumpa, making it very difficult to pull the bags out at closing. Here are a few solutions we’ve found;

  • Drill 1-2 holes at the base of the Thumpa to stop vacuums from forming
  • Lay the tube on the ground so the grounds settle to one side and break the vacuum

Overall, if you’re going to use the tall Thumpa knock tube, we can’t recommend these enough.


  • 100 x Rhino Bag Insert for CKTL Roll

Rhino Bag Insert for CKTL Roll 100 Is Compatible With


Material Recycled & Biodegradable Plastics

Rhino Bag Insert for CKTL Roll 100

Comments: Sometimes when a bag becomes quite full a vacuum may form underneath making it hard  to remove the bag from the tube.


  1. Drill a couple of holes in base of tube. This prevents the vacuum from occurring.
  1. When emptying, tie top of bag up in a knot and lay tube on ground.  The waste settles to one side reducing vacuum effect and makes it easy to slide bag out.  This method is also easier on the back.