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Rhino Accutemp Stick on Thermometer

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The Rhino Coffee Gear Accutemp stick-on thermometer can be placed on your milk frothing pitchers to help achieve a perfect temperature result every time! The state of the art liquid crystal indicators turn from green to black as you steam your milk and the indicated temperature is achieved.

Unlike standard analogue thermometers which tend to have a slight time delay as they come to temperature, the Accutemp is lightning fast, and never in your way with its super thin design.

Whilst using your hand to guide the milks temperature is great the Accutemp stick-on thermometer strip ets far more consistent results allowing you to experiment with the milks flavour by altering the steam time and therefore temperature.

How to use Rhino Coffee Gear Accutemp stick-on thermometers:

  1. Ensure your milk pitcher is clean and dry.
  2. Carefully peel off the backing tape making sure you don’t bend the corners of your thermometer.
  3. Place on the preferred side of your milk pitcher it can be seen when steaming. The thermometer should be placed low on the pitcher to ensure it is below the surface of the milk. For best results, ensure a flat application, free of bubbles is achieved.
  4. Steam your milk to the desired temperature, pour and enjoy!

Rhino Accutemp Stick on Thermometer FEATURES

Perfect Milk Temp – Get the immediate feedback you need for getting the temp right every time.

Liquid Crystal Display – Turning from green to black as you steam your milk.

Ideal Range – Indicates temperatures between 45ºc - 70ºc. Ideal Milk Temp 60-65ºc.

Dishwasher Safe – Can be placed in a dishwasher under 80ºc to increase life and accuracy.


  • Rhino Accutemp Stick on Thermometer


  • Range: 45ºc - 70ºc ( 113ºF - 158ºF)
  • Compatibility: See all Milk Jugs 
  • Cleaning: To ensure a long life of your Rhino stick-on Thermometer we recommend cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. The thermometer is dishwasher safe, however we do not recommend putting in water over 80 degrees to increase the life and accuracy.