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Red Nike Air Force 1 Limited Edition Kit

Barty Single Origin

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Limited-Edition Microlot Grade 1 Specialty Coffee paired with the infamous Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

This single #Barty RED Label is a racy profile, a pure Arabica varietal, natural, high in caffeine.

The Nike Air Force 1 '07 LV8 1 incorporates the same hoops-inspired performance features of the '82 OG while adding fresh design details for an updated look. Its low-cut collar provides a comfortable fit around the ankle, while the all-red colorway delivers a striking visual that tells others to stop and look.

This is a bold coffee profile, it's a bittersweet chocolate, cherry, and cranberry 'love the taste of red bubble-gum on the lips' slap to the palate. If you're into, love the taste of red bubble-gum on the lips this coffee is a true sensory overload.

This bean has been ethically sourced from Wolichu Wachu from the Yabitu Koba region in Ethiopia and scores 86 on the global coffee rating scale.

Grown above 1800 - 2300 metres using Microlot, this Ethiopian Guji comes from a 36 growers Co-Op and are laboriously hand sorted to remove under-ripe cherries, then dried and sorted to meet the highest standards.  

After drying for 10 – 12 days, a handful of dried cherries go through a process of rattling sound when shaken. The final test is that the weight of a sample of coffee is the same for two consecutive days.


Grower Welichu Wachu
Ethiopia, Yabitu Koba 
November - December
Altitude 1800 - 2300 MASL
Fertile red soil
Process Washed
Certification Fairtrade Organic
Roast Profile Light Medium (O)(o)(.)( . )( . )
Brew Recipe For espresso EK 3.25 pt grind @lamarzoccohomeau PID 89 degrees Ratio 20g.-in 38g.-out 17seconds from first drop


^Please be sure to use filter water and best 7 days from the date of roast. We roast every Saturday and ship domestically Monday mornings, leaving enough time for the beans to de-gas while in transit, for a fresh roast to cup.   

Barty has spent months perfecting this roast profile with love for you guys, it’s my little way to continue to give back, paying it forward, getting to our original target of $110K for Reachout.com.au

As such all orders are made to order from my very own micro-roastery in Darlinghurst.

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