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Pullman Precision Filter Basket Ridgeless 17g - 25g

Barty Single Origin

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Pullman Precision Filter Basket

A Pullman tamper, perfectly matched to a Pullman filtration basket means
more control over the variables affecting espresso extraction and a
superior outcome for you, the coffee maker.

  • These baskets are suited for tampers 58mm - 58.4mm in diameter. BUT
    for maximum surface coverage, the #BigStep base (58.55mm) provides the
    best possible result with the baskets.
  • Guaranteed internal diameter to meet Pullman tamper specification (58.70mm)
  • Hole diameter of 0.3 +/-0.02mm
  • Polished, no burrs, no scratches, no misshaped holes
  • AISI 304 material which is compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive, FDA and ROHS