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Pullman Coffee Tamper, Nexus Checkerboard Flat 58mm

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Turn the monotonous act of tamping into a visually striking experience with the Pullman Coffee Tamper, Nexus Checkerboard Flat 58mm. This classic tamper is beloved around the world for its stunning appearance, ergonomic hardwood handle, and reliable stainless steel base.

The tamper features the classic ergonomic shape we’ve grown to love: softly curved, smooth, and easily graspable. The handle is precisely spun and polished from jarrah and Australian oak hardwood, then polished with a fine Danish oil. Because it’s natural wood, it’ll soak up the oils of your hand and won’t need re-oiling.

The classic stainless steel base is perfectly flat on the bottom, ensuring you’re capable of achieving a flat tamp and even extraction every time.

Pullman Coffee Tamper, Nexus Checkerboard Flat 58mm Features

Classic Ergonomic Shape — A modern tamper with traditional style and a stunning checkerboard appearance.

Hardwood Handle — Jarrah and Australian Oak handle is treated with Danish oil to give it a firm, sturdy appearance and structure.

Steel Base — Top quality manufacturing produces this effective, perfectly flat base.

TrueTamp Rings — Grooves along the base help you find that level tamp.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Pullman Coffee Tamper, Nexus Checkerboard Flat 58mm

The Specifics

Materials Stainless Steel, Oiled Hardwood
Base Diameter 58mm
Weight 385g

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