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Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper

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The innovative design of the Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper makes tamping feel almost effortless. Unlike traditional tampers with large handles, the BigStep Palm Tamper is compact and easier to use. It also requires a straightforward technique, making it easier for your baristas to achieve consistent results throughout the day. Plus, the Palm Tamper is fully adjustable at micro levels so you can set it to fit your precise dose.

The Pullman Palm Tamper also features Pullman’s BigStep base -- a patented 58.55 mm tamper base with a stepped edge that covers the coffee bed more extensively. The larger diameter of this tamper prevents pinched edges which are common with other large-sized tampers. For the best results, use this tamper with the Pullman filtration baskets.

Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper Features

BigStep base - This patented design by Pullman allows the tamper to cover and tamp a larger surface of coffee for extraction and prevents pinched edges and water micro channelling.

Set and forget - Capable of micro-adjustments, you can set this palm tamper to a level that fits your dosing perfectly.

Handle-less design - The compact design of the Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper makes it easier to pick up and tamp away.

Better consistency - It eliminates the need for special tamping techniques, making it easier to achieve consistent results throughout the day and across all the baristas in your cafe.

Designed for ridgeless baskets - Created primarily for ridgeless baskets, this palm tamper works best with Pullman filtration basket, VST, IMS, Synesso, and Strada baskets.

This product includes:

  • 1x Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper

The Specifics

  • Materials - 440C Stainless steel, wood
  • Weight - 470 g
  • Dimensions - (H)60 mm x (W)66 mm 
  • Base Diameter- 58.55 mm
  • Tamping Depth - 7.5 mm - 14 mm

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Available Colours

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Oak
  • Jarrah
  • Silver