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Pullman Big Step Base

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Big Step Base by Pullman

Experience better tamping and extraction with a Pullman Big Step Base on the end of your tamper. This innovative base features a ‘stepped edge’, measuring in at 58.55mm.

This precisely extended edge enables you to tamp every single mm of coffee down evenly without leaving grounds pinched to the sides of the basket, even with VST baskets, and prevents air pockets from forming at the bottom of the coffee bed.

It may seem like an insignificant difference, but the end result is a far more balanced espresso extraction. Those loose grounds on the sides of the basket are no longer pathways for easy channeling—they’re perfectly level, producing an even extraction and better flavour.

Compatible with all Pullman tampers.


  • Pullman Big Step Base
  • Small Washer
  • Medium Washer
  • Large Washer

Pullman Big Step Base Is Compatible With

Material 440C Grade Stainless Steel
Diameter 58.55mm
Weight 100g