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Pesado Dosing Ring

Barty Single Origin

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Achieve a cleaner workflow and easy tamping with the Pesado Dosing ring. This is an adjustable dosing tool that snaps right on top of your portafilter. The Pesado coffee tool helps you measure your dose with ease and doubles as a funnel so you can grind your coffee beans straight into the portafilter without making a mess.

Pesado Dosing Ring Features

Consistent, accurate dosing - Helps get the perfect dose by adjusting the dosing ring to your requirements.

Height Adjustable – Allowing you to set it right under the grinder chute for mess-free grinding. Can add an additional 12mm to the height of the ring.

Reduces waste - Save precious coffee by grinding just what you need neatly straight into the basket.

This Product Includes

  • 1 x Pesado Dosing Ring



Stainless Steel



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