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Pesado Competition Shower Screen for E61

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This high-precision shower screen features more holes than your average shower screen -- 121 2.2-mm holes to be exact -- and has a filtering capability of up to 200 micrometres. Its electro-polished surface keeps friction to a minimum plus it has a reinforced strength thanks to the membrane attachment that supports the screen by bending.

With its super smooth surface and high filtering capacity, the Pesado Competition Shower Screen produces an even flow of water with consistency, helping you make the perfect cup of coffee each time.

Pesado Competition Shower Screen Features

Consistent performance - They’re not competition-grade shower screens for nothing. The refined structure of these screens ensures consistency across many uses.

Improved durability - The caulking membrane that is fixed firmly to the screen allows subtle movement and increased durability.

200 micrometres filtration - With 121 2.2mm conical holes, this shower screen offers a 200 µm filtering capacity.

Minimal friction - The electropolishing makes this screen super smooth and sanitary.

This product includes:

  • 1x Pesado Competition Shower Screen

The Specifics

  • Material: QUARTZ NANOTECH Reinforced membrane shower screen
  • Filter: 200 µm filtering capacity
  • Dimensions:
    • External 60 mm
    • Internal 57 mm
    • Body ø 56.5mm
    • Wall Height 17 mm, external
  • Blocking Technology - Caulking: The membrane is fixed to the body of the shower and the support disk by bending.
  • Support Disc Perforation Thickness: 0,8 mm
  • Perforations: Ø 2,4 mm, 127 holes
  • Distribution: Circular
No need to clean with chemicals! We recommend cleaning at the end of service in warm water with soft products.

Available Sizes

  • 51mm - (fits Breville dual boiler, Cimbali & Astoria)
  • 58.5mm - Fits 58mm Espresso machines
  • KB90 LM 58mm - Special screen for La Marzocco KB90 machines (it's a thinner LM screen)