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PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper

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The PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper is the outcome of focussed design and engineering to perfect the coffee tamping operation. The Pesado tamper’s diameter is as close as you can get to the side of the filter basket without it jamming up at 58.5mm. Machined with precise 90º edges on the base for full coverage of the basket.

The rigorous edges of the tamp base extend an effective tamping area across the dose of ground coffee, leaving no stray grounds around the sides and maximising consistency tamp after tamp. Reducing un-tamped grounds aids in eliminating a chance of channelling, increasing the coffee puck's consistency and will result in a more even extraction and a higher extraction yields per shot.

All wooden handles have a smooth finish and are shaped ergonomically to the hand with a lathe, then finished in natural wax.

For Precision and a Consistent Tamp you can't go past 58.5mm

Available as is or with Pesado’s own developed depth adjuster, attached to the Tamp, provides a uniform and reliable level with pressure, adding further consistency and even more precision to every shot. Using the same coffee, grind and volume, anyone can get the same extraction results, perfectly precise, every time. This tool is designed to simplify the tamping process in busy environments or where multiple baristas are involved.

*Be careful around water, please do not soak or leave any of our wooden handles wet as it can cause splitting. All wooden handles are handmade in Australia from premium Oak.

Over time splits or small cracks may appear in your wooden handles, this is the normal ageing process that occurs in all wood. The cracks will not affect the integrity of the handles, as the inner thread is 12mm wide by 80mm long.

We reserve the right to decide if the item is eligible for replacement, a handle with a crack or split less than 3mm wide and 2cm long, usually is not.

PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper FEATURES

Premium Hand Made – All Wooden handles have been manually lathed with expertise and unparalleled quality finish.

58.50mm Diameter – For the most precise tamping you’ll experience. 

Stainless Steel Base – Durable stainless steel for constant use and reliability.

Ergonomically Shaped – A comfortable fit in the hand, these handles will feel light and extra smooth even after a long day behind the bar.

Depth Adjuster – Great for consistency. Providing a uniform and reliable level with pressure.


  • Pesado 58.5 Wooden Tamper 


Materials Australian Oak, Stainless Steel
Diameter Base 58.5mm

*May not fit all Standard 58mm Baskets.


Available Styles

  • PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper - Raya
  • PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper - Raya - w/ Depth Adjuster
  • PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper - Ola
  • PESADO 58.5 Wooden Tamper - Ola - w/ Depth Adjuster