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Peach Hario Craft Coffee Kit

Barty Single Origin

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Explore the riches of pour-over coffee with the Hario BPA Free Plastic V60 Brewing Kit. This basic kit features a plastic Hario V60 (02 sizes) with a black base and a 600 ml Hario Range Server, the key elements needed to brew and enjoy this coffee style.

The Hario BPA Free Plastic V60 02 is a fantastic brewer that can be found in cafes around the world. It features spiral ridges that keep the paper filter from attaching to the cone walls, encouraging a balanced and flavorful extraction.

Quick Hario V60 Pour Over Instructions:

  • Place a filter in the dripper and rinse it with hot water.
  • Grind 20g of coffee at a medium-fine setting and pour in the dripper.
  • Slowly pour 40 ml of hot water over the grounds to evenly saturate them.
  • After 30 seconds, pour the remaining 300 ml in slow circles.
  • When the coffee finishes draining, pour and enjoy.

A 600 ml Hario Range Server is also included in the kit. This server features a special lid that helps keep your coffee warm and eliminates the risk of spilling while you pour.

Both items are built with Hario’s heat-proof and durable glass. The kit also comes with a measuring scoop and 40 paper filters.

The ultimate V60 pour-over technique, I'm using the famous Peach Barty from Don Pepe Estate for his method ; 

The recipe is;

  • Boil purified water to 98 degrees
  • Grind is 9.5pts on the EK (EK goes to 16pts) 25grams in, aiming for 348grams out in 4.40mins
  • Bloom# 30secs 70grams
  • Pour#1 1.29secs 138grams
  • Pour#2 2.29secs 200grams
  • Pour#3 3.48secs 280grams
  • Pour#4 4.40secs 348grams


Crisp Pour-Over Coffee – Brews pour-over coffee with a rich flavour, crisp acidity, and clean body.

600ml Range Server – Keeps your coffee hot for hours and makes pouring easy and spill-less.

Heat-Proof Hario Glass – World-renown for its durable construction and temperature maintaining qualities.

40 Paper Filters – Ships with plenty of filters to get you going.


  • 1 x Hario V60 02 Dripper – BPA Free Plastic
  • 1 x Ranger Server – 600ml
  • 1 x Measuring Scoop
  • 40 x Hario V60 Filters
  • 1x Rhinowares Tall Grinder
  • 1x 150g Peach Barty Geisha from Don Pepe Estate Panama
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I wasn’t sure so I purchased it

Ok so, I’m a huge coffee fan, and when it comes to specialty coffee I know my stuff, this geisha, the roast and using a filter was insane. Worth it, loved how Barty beans are made to order, fresh and to my taste profile. Also, supporting mental health, thats a game changer ❤️