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Mecca Segundo Salomon San Agustin Huila Colombia

Barty Single Origin

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Nestled in the mountains of the Huila department in the municipality of San Agustin, we find Segundo Salomon’s farm, Los Naranjos. Segundo has extensive knowledge of speciality coffee. His father introduced him to coffee production and Segundo managed the farm from an early age, eventually, he took the reins and is now proprietor of the farm.

Segundo is ambitious, he just finished building a nursery where he raises the varieties best suited to his region in anticipation of expanding his farm. This particular lot from Segundo's farm - San Agustin - is 100% Tabi. Tabi was cultivated by crossing Typica, Bourbon and Timor Hybrid. Tabi is resistant to leaf rust disease and has intense aromatic qualities, presumably passed down from its Typica and Bourbon parents.




December 2020