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Mahlkonig EK 43S Grinder


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The Mahlkonig EK 43S is the smaller profile version of its bigger brother, the EK 43.  The slimmer, shorter EK43S stands at a height of 68cm compared to the larger 77cm EK43.  This model follows the release of the Mahlkonig EK 43 Grinder in 2013 that inspired baristas around the globe to reimagine the limits of grind uniformity. The EK 43S shares the same massive 98mm burrs, stepless setting adjuster, and insane grinding speed makes the EK 43 models one of the most powerful and precise grinders on the market.

The incredible 98mm flat stainless steel burrs, paired with the grinder’s unique burr construction, produce grounds that are noticeably more uniform and consistent than other top-of-the-line devices. They’re also insanely fast, producing 1200-1500 grams per minute.

The front-facing stepless grind setting knob features 12 reference sizes, but still offers full control over the grind setting. The EK 43S is great not just for espresso, but for french press coffee and everything in-between. A bag clip gives you a free hand while grinding and allows you to knock out retained grounds.