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Hiroia Samantha Coffee Maker

Barty Single Origin

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The Hiroia Samantha Coffee Maker is an automated pour over brewer. Built alongside the brewers abilities is a Bluetooth enabled App run from your Smartphone or device that lets you control water temperature, amounts of water dispersed, water dispersing intervals such as pre-infusion time and further pulse pouring to perfect the ideal extraction of your coffee. 

Load up your favorite manual recipes into the app and let Samantha Brewer replicate your focussed attention and detail in flow control automatically or experiment with control over longer pre-infusions, lower temps and controlled flow. Browse other recipes shared by brewers all over the world, or uploading yours to share your very own creation is something you can enjoy too!

Hiroia is a product of collaboration between Hario, a century-old boutique coffee brand from Japan and Taiwan’s professional artificial intelligence team. They both established the world class coffee social media platform HIROIA (IOT of Hario) and now they have begun to create a cloud-based barista system.

Hiroia Samantha Coffee Maker FEATURES

Controlled Automation – Everything that makes up the best recipes i.e Temperature, Time, Flow Control and Water Delivery Intervals.

Measured Water Dispensing  – With an integrated scale built under the Water tank to precisely control water delivery.

Create your Own Recipes – Control your brewing using the SAMANTHA smartphone app.

Load 4 Recipes – Have up to 4 seperate recipes pre-loaded for quick duplication and brewing. 

15 Flow Rates – Using the APP regulate the flow of water into the coffee slurry to maximise temperature stability throughout extraction. 

Temperature Stability – From 80ºc brewing all the way up to 96ºc.

Precise Water Delivery – With a Shower Head that covers close to 50% of the brewers diameter. 


  • Hiroia Samantha Brewer
  • V60 Coffee Server 02 Size
  • V60 Glass Dripper 02 Size
  • Paper Filter 02W (40 Sheets)
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Fall Prevention Stand


Materials Brewer: ABS Resin / PCT Resin / Silicone Rubber

Dripper & Server: Heat-Resistant / Silicone Rubber

Dimensions (W)125mm (D)275mm (H)335mm
Power 850W – AC 100V/110V/220V 50/ 60HZ
Water Capacity Minimum Capacity: 250 ml 

Maximum Capacity: 1.1L 

Temperature Range Control 80c – 96ºc
Weight 2.6kg
Compatible Filters Hario V60 2 Cup (100Pcs) White