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Hario W60 Dripper - Ceramic

Barty Single Origin

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Discover new ways to brew your morning coffees with the Hario W60 --  a flat-bottom brewer with a removable resin mesh filter. 

While the interior of the W60 brewer is pretty much identical spiral rib of the classic V60, the difference lies in the removable flat bottom mesh filter that is fitted on top. Designed for use with a conical paper filter, the W60 dripper offers double filtration to produce cleaner tasting coffees. 

Hario W60 Dripper Features

Cleaner, lighter coffee - The resin mesh filter traps coffee oils producing cleaner, lighter-bodied coffee.

No need for new paper filters - The W60 is designed to work with the V60 paper filters.

Fresh curvy design - The curved lines of the W60 makes a beautiful addition to your growing collection of coffee drippers.

Dishwasher-safe – Add straight into the machine for an extra clean.

This product includes:

  • 1x Hario W60 Dripper
  • 1x Removable resin mesh filter

The Specifics

  • Materials - Porcelain, Polypropylene (mesh frame), Polyester (mesh)
  • Capacity - brews 1-4 cups of coffee
  • Compatible Paper Filters: Hario V60 2 Cup Filters
  • Dimensions - 160 (W) x 127 (D)  x 109 (H) mm 
  • Weight - 600 g

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