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Hario Stick Bottle

Barty Single Origin

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Stay hydrated in style. The Hario Stick Bottle is elegantly designed, featuring a textured body that is pleasant to the eyes and to the touch. This 350 ml water bottle is portable and has a spill-proof lid so you can stash it away in your bag.

It’s also insulated so you can keep both hot and cold drinks at their perfect temperatures for hours.

Hario Stick Bottle Features

Easy-grip - The gorgeous textured body is not just for beauty -- this anti-slip coating makes the Hario stick easy to grab.

Spill-proof - The tight lid ensures your favourite drink won’t spill, even when the bottle is thrown into your bag.

Portable - The compact size and no-fuss, elegant design makes it the perfect travel bottle.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Hario Stick Bottle



Stainless steel, acrylic coating, polypropylene 




(W) 66× (D) 66× (H) 165mm

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