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Hario Smart G Kettle

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The Hario Smart G Kettle is a balance of aesthetically pleasing design and smart functionality. With a 1L capacity, The long, fine tipped Gooseneck Spout handles the slowest pour over style brewing methods, whilst a Silicone rubber Handle makes for a comfortable grip during the process. 

In using the Smart G Kettle your coffee brewing will be improved. t is available to use a standard thermometer placed through the top of the lid to reach the ideal water temperature. Once the thermometer is not needed, an additional hole through the centre of the handle makes for an out of the way position whilst pouring.

When you combine precise water temperatures with the controlled flow of pouring from the Gooseneck spout, consistency increases with each brew. Capable of measuring down to just a drip, the Spout is a key element to getting as close as possible to the bed of coffee without causing any splashes, disrupting the bed of coffee. 

Ideal for a Pour Over and Coffee brewing, the Smart G Kettle is compatible on all stove tops including Induction and would make a beautiful addition to any home kitchen as your go-to kettle for everything hot water related. 

Hario Smart G Kettle FEATURES

Induction Compatible – Can be used on Induction, Gas, Electrical, Ceramic and radiant stovetops.

Easy Pour Spout – For controlled pouring and precise placement of water in pour over and coffee brewing.

Thermometer Attachment – Managing the temperature of your water increases the quality of the flavour of your coffee. A commercial thermometer can be attached to the lid *Thermometer not included*

Comfortable Grip Handle – With a Silicon Grip Handle, pouring and brewing with it is a breeze.

1L Capacity – Boil water for a big brew or multiple smaller brews in a single kettle.


  • Hario Smart G Kettle


  • Materials: Stainless steel, PPS Resin (lid knob), silicone rubber (handle cover)
  • Size: (W) 275 x (D) 137 x (H) 155mm
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Weight: approx 700g


Available Colours

  • Matte Black
  • Matte White