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Hario Simply Glass Tea Maker

Barty Single Origin

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The Hario Simply Glass Tea Maker is an elegant and special way to brew wonderful cups of tea. The use of Hario’s famous glass allows for a full view of the color of your tea as it steeps. You can even add your favorite fruits to give your tea a refreshing twist. 

The spout has a filter built in, meaning you can easily pour your freshly brewed tea into another container without having to worry about spilling any precious liquid or additional cleaning of extra parts. Made of borosilicate glass, this tea maker has a slim and compact design to make it easy to carry around. To make tea, just pour hot water over the loose leaf or bagged tea  and steep for a few minutes. 

The thing that makes Hario glass so unique is that it's made of pure borosilicate glass instead of the ordinary soda lime silicate. Because of its transparency and minute pores, it doesn't retain odors or like regular glass. 

Hario Simply Glass Tea Maker FEATURES

Hario’s Famous Heat-Proof Glass – Perfect for brewing hot or cold beverages.

Tea Filter Built-in Spout – No extra mess; Just steep and pour.

400ml Capacity – Enough for you and your guests.

Dishwasher Safe – Made with Borosilicate Glass - it’s safe to clean in the dishwasher.


  • Hario Simply Glass Tea Maker


Material Heatproof glass | Filter with spout: PCT resin
Dimensions (mm) ( W)124 × (D) 82 × (H) 158 
Capacity 400ml  
Weight approx.300g


See the Hario Simply Glass Tea Maker in Action below: