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Hario SCI Tall Beaker

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Transform your kitchen counter to a curiosity-inspiring brew bar with the Hario SCI Tall Beaker. Cleverly designed to resemble labware, this fun coffee server will impress your guests and make brewing coffee an enjoyable experience.

The cylindrical beaker features an easy-pour spout that makes coffee pouring easy and comes in two sizes: 300ml and 500ml. The beaker is made from Hario’s own glass, which is known around the world for its heat resistance, durability, crystal clear transparency, and borosilicate properties.

20ml marked increments are placed on the beaker to tell you exactly how much coffee you have left at any given moment.

Hario SCI Tall Beaker Features

Labware For Coffee - Transforms any kitchen counter into a curiosity-inspiring brew bar without losing functionality as a coffee server.

Hario Glass - Designed to be extra durable, heat resistant, and perfectly transparent to make hot coffee brewing, serving, and drinking with glass a possibility.

20ml Marked Increments - Gives you a detailed look at exactly how much coffee you have left to serve and enjoy.

Two Size Options - Comes in 300ml and 500ml sizes to satisfy all your coffee needs.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Hario SCI Tall Beaker

The Specifics

  • Materials: Hario Glass
  • Capacity: 300ml, 500ml

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