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Hario Mini Coffee Dripper Set

Barty Single Origin

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The Hario Mini Coffee Dripper Set is part of the Hario Revival Series, bringing back some of the most popular products from their 100-year history.Simple in design, yet intricate in detail, this dripper helps you brew an excellent cup of coffee. 

It comes with a 240ml Carafe, made from the famously durable Hario Glass, and a cone-shaped metal filter paper holder that can be used to brew coffee with ease and convenience. The cone dripper is a classic and practical coffee brewing method that's been used for generations in Japan. 

Easy to use, easy to clean, it's a must-have for any coffee aficionado! Use it with any grind & brew method as well as with pre-packed coffee.

Hario Mini Coffee Dripper Set Features

Hario Revival Series Product – Celebrating 100years of Hario products.

Retro-Style Brewing – Popularised in the 1980’s this brewer is making a come back.

Pour Over Coffee – Brewing clean and balanced flavours.

Metal Paper Filter Holder – With a filter paper in the metal holder, lower it into the carafe to begin brewing.

240ml Glass Carafe Included – Start brewing and serve straight from the carafe.


  • Hario Mini Coffee Dripper Hodler
  • Hario 240ml Glass Carafe w/ handle
  • Paper Filters



Dripper Material: Stainless Steel | Body Material: Heatproof Glass | Band Material: Silicone Rubber

Brewer Capacity

1-2 Cups

Carafe Capacity





(W) 105 x (D) 90 x (H) 119mm