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Hario Filter in a Pitcher

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Embrace the cold brew life with the classy and simple Hario Filter In A Pitcher. Though deceptively simple in design, it’s a powerful tool capable of making both cold brew tea and cold brew coffee.

The process for cold brewing is insanely easy and convenient. Simply add your tea leaves or coffee grounds, fill with water, and leave for 12 hours or so. Start it in the evening and the next morning you’ll have rich, smooth cold brew waiting for you.

Basic Hario Filter In A Pitcher Instructions:

  • Add 10g of tea or 60g of coffee grounds to the pitcher
  • Fill the bottle with 800ml of water
  • Steep for 12+ hours, to taste
  • Pour out the final brew to stop the cold brew extraction

The 800ml pitcher is built with Hario’s famous borosilicate glass that’s extra-durable, heat resistant, and crystal clear. The steel mesh filter allows you to pour out the cold brew without leaves or grounds getting into your final glass.

Hario Filter in a Pitcher Features

Cold Brew Coffee + Tea — Easily make a smooth cold brew infusion with your favorite coffee grounds or tea leaves.

No-Frills Brewing — Low on time or energy? The simple process is easy and forgiving.

Steel Mesh Filter — Keeps tea leaves and coffee grounds out of your final glass without sacrificing a rich flavor.

800ml Capacity — Perfect for you or the whole house.

Hario Glass — Heat resistant, extra-durable, crystal clear, and loved around the world.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Hario Filter in a Pitcher

The Specifics

Materials Hario Glass, Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
Capacity 800ml
Dimensions 91mm (w) x 80mm (d) x 265mm (h)

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