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Hario Drop Water Dripper

Barty Single Origin

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Hario Drop Water Dripper is a cold water brewer intended to make fast and easy work of brewing delicious cold brew coffee that’s associated with low acidity and bitterness but with all the rich and flavourful notes you enjoy.

The device is made of four main parts: (1) the upper water chamber, (2) the dripper, (3) the coffee holder and filter, and (4) the carafe. Together, they can produce up to 600ml of rich cold brew that can be made into iced coffees or heated up to make convenient hot coffee.

This cold brewer is particularly easy to use, thanks to the super fast but steady dripping piece. While a majority of slow drip brewers require you to readjust the dripping rate over a long period of time, the Hario Drop Water Dripper maintain a steady pour throughout to ensure maximum extraction. 

Basic Brewing Instructions:

  • Grind 70g of coffee at a medium-fine setting, pour into filter, and top with a paper filter.
  • Add 750 ml of cold, clean water to the upper chamber.
  • Allow the water to drip for 1 hour.
  • Store the carafe in the fridge and clean up the remaining parts.

The glass carafe is made with Hario’s signature durable glass. The Filter, a fine mash filter will protect and grounds from getting in to the final brew.

Hario Drop Water Dripper FEATURES

Fast Cold Brew Coffee – Brews a full batch of coffee in under 1 hour.

Consistent Drip Rate – Brews coffee by slowly dripping cold water over coffee grounds.

Rich, Full Flavour – Extracting all the best flavours that are smooth and bitter-free.

Hario Glass – Created with Hario’s world-renown durable glass.

600 ml Capacity – Plenty for more than a few cups of coffee, and you could easy place more than one brew on in a day.


  • Hario Drop Water Dripper
  • 50 x Paper Filters


  • Materials: Hario Glass Carafe, Silicone, Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: (W) 107 × (D) 102 × (H) 304 (φ)91mm
  • Capacity: 600ml Brew Chamber