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Hario Counter Top Roaster

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Explore the world of coffee roasting from home with the Hario Counter Top Roaster. Featuring a blend of traditional and modern elements, it’s easy to use, fascinating to watch, and produces evenly roasted coffee that’s vibrant with fresh flavours.

Roasting your own coffee is the best way to experience the most incredible and exotic flavours that coffee can offer because you get to try the beans while they’re uber-fresh.

The drum-style roaster is heated by the denatured alcohol burner beneath the glass drum. While the beans roast, you slowly turn an ergonomic hand crank to agitate the beans for an even roast. Since there’s no electricity or batteries required, this roaster is apocalypse-ready.

Basic Hario Counter Top Roaster Instructions:

  • Add 50g of green coffee to the roaster and close the chamber.
  • Light the alcohol burner and start a timer.
  • Begin hand cranking the chamber in slow, steady circles.
  • Once you reach your desired roast level in 10-16 minutes, cut the flame.
  • Carefully pour the roasted beans into a bowl or colander to cool.
  • Let the beans rest and degass for 24 hours before brewing.

This simple countertop roaster can fit up to 50g of green coffee, which is enough beans for 2-4 cups. The glass drum allows you to watch the beans transform right before your eyes, unlike with most larger commercial roasters.

Thanks to the simple construction and few durable parts, this home roaster will serve you for years or decades.

Hario Counter Top Roaster Features

Freshest Coffee Ever - Blow your own mind with the vibrant, exotic flavours of coffee that’s been freshly roasted in your own home.

Drum-Style Roasting - Mimics the style of major commercial roasters to produce an even, quality roast.

50g Green Capacity - Can roast enough coffee for 2-4 cups at a time.

Comfort Hand Crank - Keeps your hand and wrist comfortable while you spin the drum to ensure an even roast.

No Electricity Required - Heat is generated by the simple denatured alcohol burner, which means even the apocalypse won’t keep you from fresh coffee.

Glass Roasting Chamber - Watch your green coffee transform before your eyes with the crystal clear glass chamber.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Hario Counter Top Roaster

The Specifics

  • Materials: Hario Glass, Metal, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Dimensions: W264 x D139 x H190mm
  • Capacity: 50g Green Coffee

See a Brief Demo from Hario Indonesia: