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Hario Cold Dripper - 6 Cup Wood

Barty Single Origin

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Transform your cold brew coffee experience with the Hario Cold Dripper 6 Cup Wood. This cold brew tower’s visually stunning design and structure adds vitality and glamour to any kitchen or cafe.

This 475mm tall cold brewer makes cold brew coffee using the slow drip method. This method slowly drips water droplets over the bed of coffee grounds, producing a light and refreshing cold brew concentrate that’s low on acidity and bitterness.

The Hario Cold Dripper 6 Cup Wood has the ability to brew up to 780ml of concentrate, according to your needs and recipe. A stainless steel filter keeps coffee grounds out of your final brew, but allows some of the oils and micro-grounds through to contribute to a full flavor and body.

The wooden frame compliments the crystal clear Hario glass, which is famous around the world for its durability and heat-proof qualities. A copper drip faucet allows you to control the dripping rate with ease.

Renew your cafe’s cold brew coffee offerings with this stylish and effective cold brew tower.

Hario Cold Dripper – 6 Cup Wood Features

Tall Cold Brew Tower - A visually stunning cold brewer built with complimentary wood and Hario glass.

Slow Drip Method - Features the slow drip cold brew method, which slowly drips water over the bed of coffee grounds.

Low Acidity & Bitterness - Thanks to the cold water, the produced cold brew features a low acidity and bitterness compared to hot brewed coffee.

Brews 2-6 Cups - Adaptable to your volume needs with the ability to brew 2-6 cups.

Adjustable Copper Dripper - Adjust the water drip rate to dial in your cold brew recipe.

Stainless Steel Filter - Produces concentrate that’s richly flavored and full-bodied without producing any paper waste.

This product includes:

  • Hario Cold Dripper
  • 1 Stainless Steel Filter

The Specifics

  • Materials: Hario Glass, Wood, Silicone, Copper, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:  W205 x D135 x H475mm
  • Capacity: 780ml

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