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Hario Coffee Grinder Slim Pro

Barty Single Origin

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The Hario Coffee GrinderSlim Pro is an improved model in many ways and joins an extensive line up of Hario manual hand grinder that offer to enhance your best coffee grinding needs. 

Hario continual to improve and develop their products and the Hario Coffee Mill Slim Pro is the advancement of the Hario Coffee Mill Slim Plus. 

So what’s changed? Hario have reinforced the crank handle to be more durable and effective with using a hexagonal connection. This means  more power to the burrs with less work needed. An improved reinforced plastic body assists less twisting from the body during the grinding action.  You can also easily detach the grind catcher from the body in a more smooth bayonet fitting. Allowing you to transition easily to transfer those grinds in to your brewer.

With the Hario Slim Hand Grinder long considered one of the best budget coffee grinders, this newer more improved addition is set be popular. The grinder features ceramic conical burrs for long-lasting grinding power that’s suitable for all filter coffee methods. The grind setting can be adjusted via the wing nut attached to the bottom of the burrs. The settings are stepped, making switching back and forth between settings painless.

The hardened plastic is extremely durable without being heavy and the stainless steel crank will last ages. The hourglass shape makes gripping the device while you grind feel natural. The grounds catcher can hold up to 24g of coffee, which is just enough for 1-2 cups of coffee.

Hario Coffee Mill Slim Pro Features:

Upgraded Design – Reinforced hexagonal crank handle improves durability and power transfer

Improved Grinder Body – Detachable grounds catcher twists off easily. 

Enhanced Grinding – Additional burr stopper to stabilise burr set during grinding

Tested Grinder – With the Hario Slim Plus already well loved as a compact and slim design, you’ll be able to count on a grinder that works.

Hario Ceramic Burrs — Known around the coffee world for being precise, consistent, and reliable for coffee lovers of all intensities.

For All Filter Brewers — Perfect for french press, moka pot, and everything in-between.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Hario Coffee Grinder Slim Pro

The Specifics

Materials BPA-Free Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Capacity 24g
Dimensions W150 x D74 x H210mm
Burrs Ceramic Conical

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