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Hario Coffee Decanter

Barty Single Origin

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The Hario Coffee Decanter is part of the Hario Revival Series, bringing back some of the most popular products from their 100-year history.Simple in design, yet intricate in detail, this decanter helps you serve an excellent cup of coffee. 

The Hario Coffee Decanter is a simple, easy-to-use coffee server that allows you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee without being bothered by the heat of the pot. The decanter is made of borosilicate glass, which is less susceptible to thermal shock than regular glass and allows for better heat distribution. 

The  spout, with a smooth pour lid is made with a single-push style top that enables easy opening and closing whilst the handle is designed with a safe two-banded design, making it cool touch and comfortable to hold.

Hario Coffee Decanter Features

Retro-Style Coffee Brewing – Popularised in the 1980’s this brewer is making a come back.

Hario Heat Shock Resistant Glass – Durable through use of hot and cold water with cracks.

Dual Banded Handle – Makes the pot cooler to pick up and not hot to hold.

Single Push Lid – Makes for serving and closing up the lid whilst pouring done with one hand.

Practical Capacity – For large brews, serving many coffees at a time, to single batches.


  • Hario Coffee Decanter



Glass Pot Material – Heatproof glass | Lid, Cap, Spout & Handle Material – Polypropylene | Sea Material – Silicone rubber




(W) 210 x (D) 165 x (H) 173mm