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Hario Coffee Cafe Press

Barty Single Origin

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A classic coffee brewer with a modern minimalist design. The Hario Coffee Cafe Press U features the same heat-resistant glass the brand is known for, lending to its unsurpassed durability. An effortless way to make delicious coffee any time of the day, it’s a must-have in any coffee lover’s kitchen.

Hario Coffee Cafe Press Features

Heat-resistant Hario glass - The great heat-retention and durability of the Hario glass make this press a fantastic brewer.

Built-in measurements - The glass is lined with measurements so you can brew even without a scale.

Elegant design - The Hario Cafe Press U looks modern yet timeless in line with the brand's design philosophy.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Hario Coffee Cafe Press



Heat-resistant glass, stainless steel, polypropylene


2 Cup: 300ml

4 Cup: 600ml


2 Cup: (W) 139× (D) 93× (H) (H) 166mm

4 Cup: (W) 139 × (D) 93 × (H) 172mm

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