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Hario Bean Storage - Black

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Keep your coffee as fresh as you can with Hario Bean Storage jars. While ordinary coffee bags cannot keep your coffee safe from damaging elements, these glass containers are designed to keep oxygen from breaking down your coffee’s aromas, acids, and flavours into a muddy, undesirable drink.

The tight seal produced by the Hario Bean Storage jars keep your coffee beans from losing flavour and freshness while they’re waiting to be brewed. The lever on top of the lid makes opening and closing quick and simple.

These jars come in two sizes to suit your unique circumstances.. The smaller 200g jar can hold up to 300g of coffee beans or 800ml of water. The larger 300g jar can hold up to 480g of coffee beans or 1000ml of water.

Fresh coffee is the best coffee, so make sure your precious beans are protected from the elements with the Hario Bean Storage jars.

Hario Bean Storage – Black Features

Fresh Coffee Is The Best Coffee - Keeps your coffee beans as fresh as possible by reducing their exposure to oxygen.

Tight Seal - Keeps unwanted oxygen from seeping into your coffee beans while they’re waiting to be brewed.

Simple Lever - Makes opening and closing a quick, simple process.

2 Sizes - Smaller size actually fits 300g, larger size fits 480g of coffee beans.

This Product Includes

  • 1 x Hario Bean Storage - Black

The Specifics

200g 300g
Materials Hario Glass, Food Safe Plastic Hario Glass, Food Safe Plastic
Capacity 300g | 800ml 480g | 1000ml
Dimensions (mm) 99 (W) x 99 (D) x 142 (H) 99 (W) x 99 (D) x 189 (H)

Recommended Additions:

Available Styles

  • 200g
  • 300g

Available Colours

  • Black
  • Red - Plastic