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Flair Espresso Signature Pro Spare Parts

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Flair Stainless Steel Plunger for PRO

Full Stainless steel plunger, found in side the water chamber, to suit Flair Espresso Signature PRO and Flair Signature PRO 2 models. This plunger includes two o-rings. Recommended to replace if bent, cracked or missing. Is compatible with Pressure gauges,

Flair O-Ring Set 6 Pack for PRO

The Full set of replacement o-rings for all o-rings found on the Flair PRO and Flair PRO 2 model of espresso makers. Seals not sold separately. Recommendation to replace seal every 12 months or as required - if any leaks or issues arise.

  • 6 Pack of Seals Includes:
    1 x o-ring for the brew cylinder
    1 x o-ring for the stem
    2 x o-rings for the plunger
    2 x o-rings for the pressure gauge

Flair Plunger Stem for Pro

This replacement Flair Plunger Stem for Pro is suitable for the Signature and Signature Pro 2 Flair Espresso pressure gauge kits. It is a little taller than the classic for the extra leverage and movement in pressing down.

Flair Pro 2 Portafilter

Brew for two with an extra portafilter! Flair PRO 2 Portafilter gives Pro 2 users the option to grind out, distribute and pack a second shot and be ready to pull a second shot straight after your first.

Flair Pro 2 Portafilter Sleeve

The Flair PRO 2 Portafilter Sleeve has been designed to wrap around the portafilter of your PRO 2. Ths Sleeve, made from silicone ensures that the Pro 2 portafilter is safe to touch, even if you have begun the preheating stage! The sleeve also has a lip that has been designed to wrap around your stainless steel portafilter does not damage the portafilter base of your PRO 2.

Flair Pro 2 Dosing Funnel

Dose with ease into your Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker portafilter.