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Flair 58 Tamper

Barty Single Origin

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Created specifically for the Flair 58 portafilter, this custom tamper features an ergonomic grip for better control and ease of use. Made with stainless steel to ensure clean contact and durability, this Flair tamper is also compatible with other 58mm portafilter baskets.

Proper preparation of your coffee grounds includes tamping to prevent water micro channelling and promote an even extraction. The Flair 58 Tamper is essential to your coffee-making routine.

Flair 58 Tamper Features

Custom tamper for the Flair 58 - Created for the dimension of the Flair 58 portafilter and other 58 mm portafilter baskets.

Stainless steel - Durable and clean, the Flair 58 Tamper is made with stainless steel.

Ergonomic grip - The ergonomic handle improves grip and control, taking the strain out of repetitive movements.

This product includes:

  • 1x Flair 58 Tamper

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless steel base, silicone handle
  • Diameter: 58mm

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