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Fellow Stagg Spare Parts

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Fellow Stagg kettles have been a favourite among pro baristas and home brewers alike for quite some time. And for good reason. These kettles heat fast and the gooseneck spout offers fantastic control. However, like any good tool, the parts of your Fellow Stagg kettle will get worn out or lost and need to be replaced.

These replacement spare parts and accessories are compatible with the Fellow Stagg Kettle line up including the electronic kettle and the stovetop kettle. They are the same as the original components your Fellow Stagg kettle came with right out of the box.

Compatible With:

Fellow Stagg Brew Range Thermometer

This replacement thermometer is a perfect fit for your Fellow Stagg Stove Top Pour Over Kettle. The thermometer shows both in Celsius and Fahrenheit and is effortless to read. Unlike generic thermometers for stovetop kettles, the face of the Stagg Brew Range Thermometer is marked with the optimal brewing temperature for pour-over coffee (195°-200° F) so you don’t have to guess when it’s time to switch off the heat and start pouring. This thermometer can also be used with the Fellow Rave Stove Top Tea Kettle.

Fellow Stagg Stovetop Lid & Thermometer

This Fellow Stagg replacement set includes a metal lid that matches the stainless steel body of the kettle and a Fellow Brew Range Thermometer. Made just for the Fellow Stagg Stove Top Kettle, this lid is not compatible with other kettles made by the brand despite the close similarities.

Fellow Stagg EKG Lid

Do you need just the lid because your Brew Range Thermometer is still working fine? We got you covered -- quite literally -- with this Fellow Stagg EKG Lid. A perfect match for the Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle.