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Fellow Clara French Press Spare Parts

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The Fellow Clara French Press claim to fame includes excellent heat retention, sediment-free brews, ratio-assist, and it’s gorgeous matte exterior. Like any coffee brewer, parts of your Fellow Clara need to be replaced in order to keep functioning well.

The following Fellow Clara French Press spare parts are manufactured by the brand. These are the same as the original components your Fellow Clara came with right out of the box.

Compatible With:

Fellow Clara French Press Mesh Filter

The Clara’s secret to sediment-free French press coffee is its unique mesh filter. The enhanced filtration mesh creates a clean brew without taking away the layers that make your coffee delicious. Its secure fit also keeps sludge away from your cup no matter the angle you pour.

Fellow Clara French Handle - Black

Replace your Fellow Clara’s beat up handle or change its look. This plastic replacement handle has the same color and finish as the rest of this popular french press. It is also easy to attach and has the same ergonomic design that makes this iconic french press easy to use.

Fellow Clara Press Handle - Walnut

Made with premium walnut wood, this replacement handle can upgrade the look and feel of your Fellow Clara French Press. The wooden handle has an ergonomic design that makes the brewer easy to use.

Fellow Clara Press, All Directional Pour Lid

Another well-loved feature of the Fellow Clara is its custom all-directional pour lid. Unlike traditional french presses that need to be aligned a certain way to ensure a smooth pour, this lid takes away the guesswork by allowing the coffee to pass through from any point of its circumference, whichever part opens to the spout.

Fellow Clara Replacement Pull Lid - Black

Part of the Fellow Clara’s contemporary design is the oversized pull lid which gives this brewer’s press mechanism a more pleasant and effortless feel. This replacement pull lid in black matches the Clara’s matte exterior.

Fellow Clara Replacement Metal Press Stem

Keep your favourite French Press brewing delicious coffee for you and your guest with the replacement stem that holds the filter and is the centre piece for brewing coffee in a french press pot.