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Espro Press P5 - Glass

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Brew french press coffee, pour over style coffee, and loose leaf tea with the Espro Press P5 Glass. This brewer is cleverly designed, durably constructed, and can hold up to 950ml of your favorite coffee or tea.

Gritless FrenchPress Coffee

The patented double micro-filter system cleans up the classic frenchpress coffee you love, giving you all the flavor and none of the grit. This filter is 12-15 times finer than the standard french press filter.

Pour Over Style Coffee

If you enjoy a cleaner, crisper cup, simply use one of the included paper filters. Your coffee will taste and feel like pour over style coffee.

The Espro Press P5 Glass is constructed using Schott-Duran German-made glass that’s durable, heat-resistant, and safe in your kitchen. It’s framed by a stainless steel casing for extra security.

Whether you’re a world-traveler or just enjoy a daily mug, the Espro Press P5 will leave you satisfied.

Espro Press P5 Features

3-In-1 French Press - Brews classic french press style coffee, cleaner pour over style coffee, and loose leaf tea.

Grit-Free French Press - Separates grounds from brewed coffee with a double micro-filter that’s 12-15 times finer than the standard french press filter.

Schott-Duran Glass - German-made glass designed to maximize durability. Locked in place within the stainless steel frame.

Large Size - Comes in 950 ml size.

This product includes:

  • Espro Press P5 Glass

The Specifics

  • Schott-Duran Glass, Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Capacity: 950 ml

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