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Espro Bloom Paper Filters

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Espro’s Premium Pour Over Paper Filter have been specifically designed for the Espro Bloom Pour-Over Dripper. The patent pending design is engineered to ensure maximum water contact and a fast brew for an even extraction.

The advanced approach to pour over brewing using the paper filters with the Bloom helps filter out oils and further fine sediment of grinds to minimise bitterness and produce an exceptional clean cup of coffee.

The Filters are made tear-resistant and produced with chlorine-free paper for an environmentally friendly and natural product. 

Espro Bloom Paper Filters Features

Clean and Fast Filter – With its unique tapered design that assists water flow and contact time.

Chlorine-free Paper – Leaves no trace of aroma or taste in your brewed coffee.

Tear-resistant – Unique flared designed for large pouring area, made durable.

50 Pack – Plenty for a month or more of delicious coffee.


  • 50 x Espro Bloom Paper Filters


Material Chlorine-Free Paper 
Amount 50 Filters
Size 1 - 2 Cups
Compatible Brewer Espro Bloom Pour Over Dripper
Special Note When using, make sure to flare out filters to help separate, and always take filter from the outermost filter.